Artist agency

We provide artists for events in shopping centers, street festivals, workshops or festivals.
We have numerous contacts, from ambitious hobby artists to numerous professional world class 2D and 3D painters.

We can cover the following project requests:

  • Wall painting
  • Street painting (3D and 2D),
  • street painting workshops
  • Crowd painting (large-scale paintings with the involvement of visitors)
  • Children's animation at festivals

3D Master (professional artists)

Master class street painters are experienced artists who have already participated in quite a few festivals around the world and can always be found here in the top ranks. They have experience in the implementation of customer requests and operate at a very high level.

Since each artist has his unique style, we will be happy to advise you in a personal meeting who is the most suitable artist for your project.

2D Master (professional artists)

The 2D masters are classic Madonnari. They master the classic, centuries-old art of street painting and paint both classic and modern, contemporary themes on the asphalt. Their repertoire ranges from Renaissance classics to characters from movies and TV or even animals, etc.

The classic 2D painting is possible both on the street and on walls.

Semi-professional artists

These are artists who have already successfully participated in various international festivals in the 2D or 3D categories. They do not make a living from painting, but are also gifted artists.

Crowd-Painting & Workshops

Workshops: Experienced artists - some with an educational background - give workshops in street painting, bringing this subject closer to all interested participants.

Crowd painting: Here, an experienced street painter paints a large, joint picture together with visitors.

Child care: Here, an experienced street painter supervises a free painting area and brings children and young people a little closer to street painting. Work is done freely, with stencils or with grid enlargements.